Open Sports

“Open Basketball”:  Ages 16+ Want to play hoops but don’t want the hassle of getting a team together? This is your chance to BALL!  **NOTE:  16 and 17 year olds MUST be accompanied by parent/guardian before playing to sign waiver at the YMCA front desk – must be signed in person with YMCA staff**

Lunch time:  Tuesdays and Fridays   12:00 pm  – 1:30 pm           

Fees:  Free YM  $3 PM

Evening time:  Wednesdays  7:00 pm  – 9:00 pm                                               

Fees:  Free YM  $3 PM


“Open Volleyball”: Ages 16+.  This program is for members and non-members to be able to play pick up style volleyball games. It is a great time to meet other members and increase your volleyball skills.

Meets:  Thursdays         7:00 pm  – 9:00 pm                              

Fees:  Free YM  $3 PM


“Open Pickleball:”  Ages 16+  Pickleball borrows aspects from badminton, tennis and other paddle sports.  Its composite paddles and whiffle ball gives it a unique dynamic that requires its own strategy.  If interested in another time, please let us know! Meets in the Blue gym

Meets:  Wednesdays                                  10:00 am – 12:00 pm          

Fees:   Free YM   $3 PM



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