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Corporate Giving

The YMCA depends on the generosity of our corporate sponsors to help us expand our services to the people in our community who need us the most.

Corporate giving helps the YMCA reach the people in our community who need us the most.

As a non-profit organization, we rely on the support of corporate partners to help us achieve our mission. Corporate giving is an excellent way for companies to make a positive impact on our community while also promoting their brand and values.

One of the most effective ways for companies to support the YMCA is through sponsorships. Sponsorships allow companies to support specific programs or events that align with their values and target audiences. In return, the YMCA provides marketing and branding opportunities for sponsors. This type of partnership is a win-win for both parties and can help to build stronger connections between businesses and the community.

Another way that companies can support the YMCA is through volunteering.  Our organization relies on the efforts of volunteers to help us provide quality programming and services to our members. By volunteering at the YMCA, employees can develop important skills, build relationships with colleagues and community members, and make a meaningful contribution to our mission. Volunteer opportunities range from coaching youth sports to serving as a mentor or tutor to participating in fundraising events.  Design Note:  This section is optional if not active in your Y community.

Corporate giving not only benefits the YMCA and the community, but it can also provide businesses with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Consumers are increasingly looking for companies that demonstrate a commitment to social responsibility and community involvement. By partnering with the YMCA, companies can demonstrate their values and showcase their involvement in the local community. This can help to build brand loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

At the Decatur County Family YMCA, our goal is to work with corporate partners who share our commitment to building strong kids, strong families, and strong communities.

We believe that by working together, we can create a better future for all members of our community.

If your company is interested in supporting our mission, please contact Diane Hart-Dawson, CEO at 812-663-9622 or dianehd@dcfymca.org for more information.

We look forward to working with you to make a difference in the lives of those who need us most.

THANK YOU to our Corporate GOLD Sponsors!

Our Annual Campaign Gold Sponsors:

Cobia Solar


John and Adele Corya: including Hygrade Excavating

Steve Freeman

Johnson Family

Next Generation, Inc.

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