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Indy 500 Mile Challenge                         

May 1 – May 31
It’s time to celebrate the month of May and all the traditions that the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has to offer by getting our bodies revved up, striving to get as many miles of exercise as we can achieve.  Challenge yourself with a personal fitness goal!
The goal: rack up as many miles as possible between May 1 – May 31!
How you’ll do it: by working out at the Y as much as possible to accumulate miles with a variety of exercises!  Strive to reach as close to 500 miles of exercise as you can within the month. You can accumulate miles by:  using cardio equipment in the wellness center, attending group classes, water walking, swimming laps, playing  racquetball, basketball, pickleball, walking and/or running, cycling, and weight lifting.  Your exercise DOES NOT HAVE TO BE DONE ON THE YMCA’S PROPERTY.  Each challenger will add their own miles and post their miles on a master log that will be located in the Wellness Center.  The top three with the most mileage will receive a free car wash from Davis N Daughters.  This challenge is for YMCA members only, and it’s FREE! 

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