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Personal Training

INTERESTED IN PERSONAL TRAINING?  Please contact Deena Hamer, Fitness Director at 812-663-9622 x 28 or deenah@dcfymca.org

Why work with a trainer?

Personal Trainers will help motivate you, give you consistency in your workouts, clarify all of the information that you hear, help you build confidence, avoid injury, will give you one-on-one attention, will help you navigate any medical conditions you may have, or to help you age gracefully, but most of all they can help you have FUN when you exercise.  Yes, exercise can be FUN!  Your trainer will use a variety of methods to create a  program that focuses on meeting your individual goals, whether you are new to exercise or an athlete, our trainers will customize your fitness program to fit you!  Your trainer will assess your previous and present fitness level, review your goals, and develop customized workouts for you. Stop by or call to schedule your FREE consultation today!

All sessions expire 6 months from date of purchase.

30 minute sessions YM PM
1 session $25 $45
3 sessions $65 $120
6 sessions

9 sessions





15 sessions $280
60 minute sessions YM PM
1 session $35 $55
3 sessions $95 $150
6 sessions $180 $295
9 sessions $252 $425
15 sessions $395

Duo or Trio Sessions: Y Members Only 

Have a custom routine designed for you and a friend or two.  Your  1- hour routine will be designed so you can get the most out of your workout together.  Must be done at the same time.

DUO Sessions TRIO Sessions
1 session $45 $60
3 sessions $130 $170
6 sessions $240 $320
9 sessions $330 $435

Need to start out in the water?  Our trainers can do that!  Ask them how you can get a great workout in the pool incorporating cardio, endurance, and core strength!

Small Group PT (Personal Training): 

Workout with a Certified Personal Trainer and a group of individuals (between 4-8 people) with similar fitness goals to burn the most calories possible during the workout while toning, tightening the core, and building overall muscular strength and endurance. Weather permitting, workouts may be outside on fitness trail. 

Meets: Tuesdays and Thursdays                  9:15 am - 10:45 am in the Wellness Center             Fees: $35 YM  $55 PM This class meets monthly, so these fees are for each month.

SKIN FOLD ANALYSIS:Skin fold test will determine body fat percentage. Choose from either a 4 or 7 site test. If you are working to build body mass or are very athletic, this test is for you.  Great for tracking strength training progress.

By Appointment Only Fees: $10 YM  $20 PM

FITNESS TESTING:  Separate testing protocol for ages 15-60 and 60+ consisting of: Blood Pressure, Cardiovascular, Strength and Flexibility

By Appointment OnlyFees: FREE YM  $20 PM

FITNESS EVALUATION:  A trainer will help determine your cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body fat percentage.   This is a great way to measure your current strengths and weaknesses.  After 4-8 weeks, retest to see what progress you’ve made!   Everyone is encouraged to take advantage of this test.  Make your appointment at the front desk today!

By Appointment Only   Fees: FREE YM  $30 PM

QUARTERLY FITNESS EVALUATIONS:  Track your progress!  See what your score (fitness level) is for cardiovascular, muscular and core strength along with how flexible you are.  Your scores will show you where your strengths and weaknesses are so you will know areas that may require more focus.  Testing every quarter is a great tool for setting and reaching your personal fitness goals.  Make your appointment today at the wellness desk.  

By Appointment Only   Fees: FREE YM  $30 PM

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