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The Indiana YMCA Youth and Government (INYaG) program provides a fun and unique opportunity for youth in grades 9 through 12 to connect with their peers from around the state while learning how to effect change on social and political issues of personal importance to them.  Through the program, youth first engage in local delegation meetings where they firm up their understanding of how their governments work.  Then, they learn how to make their governments work for them.  Along the way, they learn how to effectively investigate and articulate their concerns while being part of decision-making processes.  Local activities lead to a day-long regional leadership conference during the fall and a three-day statewide model government conference in February.  During the statewide conference, students take over the Indiana Statehouse to apply what they learned during their delegation meetings. The program also creates avenues for youth to apply their developed skills and understandings through real-life advocacy opportunities and national civic engagement opportunities that connect them to their peers around the country.  INYaG is ideal for any students who want to improve their abilities to interact with adults and other youth, understand how to influence governments for effective and peaceful resolution, appreciate the diversity of viewpoints on public issues, demonstrate citizenship responsibilities and leadership roles essential for more accommodating communities, and embrace respect for ideas, beliefs, and the positions of others.

Fees:  $100 YM       $130 PM 

This includes the IN Y & G Model Government Conference fees held in Indianapolis in early 2024, lodging and most meals.

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